Monday, 22 October 2018

Week 16 UK pool draws banker pairs and naps predictions '18

ONe gAMe sPOil your TiCkeT? DoNt WoRry, NAiRABeT Go StiLL PaY yOu, !!JOIN HeRE!!

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Hello folks, these are safe and hottest possible pairs for week 16 UK football pools. Every football pool movement used to make draw forecasts should be carefully considered before making any substantial stake cause it's not a 100 percent guarantee, this is also applicable to all my forecasts. Football pool key draws from reliable sources are tagged confidential in most cases so be a wíse staker and bet responsibly. PAIRS: 12X13X, 18X19X.
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ALERT: Bestp Predict will not at anytime ask you to release your complete phone contact here therefore Bestp will not be responsible for whatever you get from it. Also be careful calling any contact here so you avoid been scammed, thank you.
Drop your own bankers, pairs and naps forecasts here at the comment entry.Enjoy and Goodluck


  1. .my second appearance since week 5. I don't have free games but deposit first then balance after winning.
    Cambridge under the bar the position Southampton to enter there home, check week 5, Cambridge under the bar at 34. 3+4=7,southampton to enter there home, the key have set again, before it can set forest green must be at 39 home and away to draw + other 5 draws for fixed 6/6.
    Week 16
    Bank on 39 + 5 fixed draws.
    I can also sell the key to you if you need the key, you can also can to see me, I can stay your place until the results is out then you pay me because it is 1trillion fixed but first come first serve, I am transperant
    I have two fixed correct scores for today's game directly from India.
    Games are programmed and spiritual, I might be your saviour if you can take the risk because my games require deposit first before the game and balance after winning.
    Rush now to call me

  2. Every body should stake this game on Saturday 8'16'27'42 I can't proved it now until after the result I need just 200000 after winning good luck